Blessed, that I may be a blessing.

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    Nana’s book, Personal ROI, teaches the need to measure one’s returns on their personal investment and the importance of adding value to self through the intentional design of goals and visions.

    Get a head start on living a more fulfilling life with this book!


    Nana is popularly known for his tremendous charisma, stage presence and wise counsel. He is a skillful leader with about 8 years of experience in consultancy. Nana relays in-depth knowledge and understanding on matters concerning the word of God, personal development, business strategy and education management.
    Available Resources


    What are the right resources you can invest in?


    What are the steps to measuring your progress?


    Where do you seem to lack progress and consistency?

    Be The Best

    Find your strengths and build them to become the best version of yourself.

    Celebrations & Failures

    Learn the proper way to celebrate personal victories and failures.

    Does It End?

    Can you ever max out on your personal return on investment?

    Nana believes in servant leadership.

    Believing change begins with the youth, Nana is committed to raising young people who are ready to embrace their talents, purpose and gifts to positively impact their immediate society.

    Nana mentors and counsels young people on career plans, personal development, business, relationships and family life. He has been a patron for several youth-led programs in the field of engineering, business and technology.

    Notable among them is Tech Era’s MakerSpace Program where fellows designed products to facilitate the rehabilitation of people living with disabilities.