We love because He first loved us

Well, people will typically describe me as charismatic, which I think means one of two things, first, that I am an extrovert, but in all honesty, it is the quietest moments in my life that I cherish the most.(The times I just take long silent walks, read, sit in silence or just sleep!). Second I think being “charismatic” also means expressing intense passion. For that, I fully admit to.

Whatever the case, I count myself blessed to begin my life’s journey with the love of my life. I find that she’s a safe place, where these paradoxes of my personality can fully thrive.

~ Nana Owusu-Achau

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Phyllis Owusu-Achau

I love that Nana is the epitome of a caring man. He has a way of perceiving my needs even before I verbalize them and I know that stems from his desire to see me happy and fulfilled! He sees the best in me, spiritually, physically, career-wise. He calls himself my nurturer and that’s exactly what he is to me! I love his humility, his hard work and ambition but most of all I love His dedication and service to Christ! Its infectious… literally!

~ Phyllis Owusu-Achau

How We Met

We first met in 2008 when Nana worked with the US embassy educational wing as a college advisor for students preparing for undergraduate studies in the US. My first encounter with him occurred one afternoon when I had decided to visit the embassy. I was directed to speak with this tall, dark and quite sharply dressed young man! He introduced himself as Nana Owusu-Achau and we got to talking.

He then inquired of my educational background to which I responded that I had attended Wesley Girls. Uhh this is where his obnoxious side immediately swung into display!

Clearly he had had a few run ins with the Gey Hey clan and he had developed quite a dislike for the sistreen who seemed to know it all and regarded themselves better than everyone!

Frankly, the meeting went downhill from then, ending in a series of blunt responses on both our parts and my silent decision never to return if I had to interact any further with such an obnoxious guy.

About a month later, I arrived for a visa appointment at the embassy when I spotted a friend in line who had beckoned me towards a spot in front of him. As I got closer, to my surprise and slight annoyance I realized he was in conversation with another young man whom I quickly identified as Nana. To my surprise, he actually seemed happy to see me again.

Considering that we had such a long visa process ahead of us and it seemed the three of us would be trudging along this process for the day, I decided to play nice. Really that was the beginning of the many fun and insightful conversations we are always engaged in.

We talked about everything…school, our families, church, politics, development issues, business ideas…we literally spent all day in each other’s company.  Later that evening we had continued on to an accepted students reception where we talked and realized we were actually quite connected through a number of mutual friends.

We have stayed in touch since. A few weeks later we both left for college, me to Iowa and he to Michigan. With the pressures of college, distance and life happening, we fell out of touch only speaking every several months. We reconnected in 2012 after college as he was preparing towards a move back to Ghana and I was headed to Atlanta. It seemed we were always in different directions! However, this time round we forged a really strong friendship, spending a lot of time on viber, skype and whatsapp call, chatting, laughing, bearing each other up in prayer…

I came to know his kind-hearted, caring and generous personality even better. At this point we had contemplated dating but with no clear plans on my moving back to Ghana and him being quite sure he did not want to live in the US, we stayed an “interesting” version of friends until we officially began dating in 2015, though I still lived in Atlanta.

Later that year some challenges with work initiated my move to Ghana where I almost immediately landed a consulting gig. Certainly, both of us being in the same place for longer than a month allowed us to forge a stronger relationship and a deeper understanding of each other.