We love because He first loved us.

HELLO. I’m Phyllis Owusu-Achau.

I love that Nana is the epitome of a caring man. He has a way of perceiving my needs even before I verbalize them and I know that stems from his desire to see me happy and fulfilled! He sees the best in me spiritually, physically and career-wise. He calls himself my nurturer and that is exactly what he is to me. I love his humility, his hard work and ambition but most of all, I love his dedication and service to Christ! It is infectious, literally.

HI THERE! It's Nana again.

Well, people will typically describe me as charismatic which I think means one of two things. First, that I am an extrovert but in all honesty, it is the quietest moments in my life that I cherish the most! There are times I just take a long silent walk, read, sit in silence or just sleep! Second, I think being charismatic also means expressing intense passion. For that, I fully admit to.

Whatever the case may be, I count myself blessed to begin my life’s journey with the love of my life. I find that she is a safe place where these paradoxes of my personality can fully thrive.